Gareth Pursehouse Today, Case Update ?-Where he Is Now?: Episode 1 of the Investigation Discovery newly released show tells us the story of the Murder of Amie Harwick, The murder of Harwick was her Ex Boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse, Here we are going to tell you about the real story behind the case, the real image of Gareth, Instagram account and some more details about the Amie Harwick.

Amie was 36 Years old Marriage Therarispt in Hollywood, She used to be news for Pictures, Relationships, and for her looks, She was born in 1981 and on 15th Feb. 2020, she was murdered in her apartment.

When the Police starts an investigation, they accused them and found evidence that her Ex Boyfriend Gareth is the Killer and he Killed her, A Case was registered but Just 4 days after the case, Gareath was released on Bond of 2 Million Dollars, He was arrested again as he was trying to fly out of the country.

Due to COVID and Various delays, the preliminary hearing date has been Postponed Various times, and now as per the recent update, his trial is dated for 28th Feb. 2023, Gareath has pleaded not guilty and thus the court will look into the case, Decide the degree of Murder and based on that, the court will decide the Verdict, As of now, Careth is in Jail and waiting for his Trial.

Many of you were asking about Gareth Pursehouse Real Image, You can check the featured image of the Post and you will get to see the real image of him, as of now, There is no official Instagram handle of Gareth Pursehouse available on Instagram or there are chances that, it may be deactivated or suspended after the case.

This was all about Gareth Pursehouse, The main charged Person for the Amie Murder, Are you following the Investigation Discovery show Death By Fame, Please let us know in the comments.



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