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M3gan Doll For Sale ? Is Megan Doll Real ?

The film hit the big screens a few weeks back and the fans are loving the film, a few days back, the film was released on DVD and reached mass audiences, Now the craze of the Doll and the movie is Phenomenal and now Antique lovers are already demanding the doll to keep them into their homes, Here we are going to tell you if that Doll exists in real life and is there any way that you can buy that?

Jumping directly to the answer, Sadly, The official and original M3gan doll is not available for sale and it is not available for the Public, the makers are already Planning to launch doll for the Public sale, but as of now, the doll is not available anywhere in the Market.

There are reports that makers are Planning to Introduce the Normal M3gan doll, with No AI features in it to the market, but there is no official confirmation on that, One thing is confirmed that, The AI and the Exact same version of the doll which is used is the film will be not available for sale to the Public.



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