Gannibal Episode 1 & 2 Ending Explained: Gannibal, the newest addition to Disney+ which debuted this week is a modern-day horror that tells us the story of a Police Officer Daigo Agawa who gets sent to a rural village of Kuge after the previous Chuzai (Residential Officer) goes missing. He goes there with his family of two, wife Yuki and daughter Mashiro.

He is welcomed warmly by the villagers but soon discovers something sinister happening there and finds out that the Goto Family, who owns most of the village are cannibals. How the series moves on makes the crux of this psychological thriller a treat to watch. If you’re curious about the show, you’re at the right place.

Are The Townspeople Really Cannibals?

Well, the Goto Family certainly is, who own most of the village and are also in charge of the whole forestry department making their living from the cypress timber. There are numerous scenarios where the Goto Family pops out, one would be when they kill the bear and after the investigation, they eat the raw bear flesh and also ask Daigo to eat which he tries to but spits out after.

The second would be in the second Episode when Sumire, the previous Chuzai’s daughter accuses the Goto Family of cannibalism when she kicks the vessel in which the Goto Family is supposed to be transporting the body of the deceased but there isn’t anything and Sumire tells Daigo that they’ve eaten that dead body already.

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Other than that, when Daigo is being given the whole town tour, they come across the timber factory and there’s an old woman inside who tells that the timber syrup was also used on dead bodies so they do not decompose easily which also means that they probably want to store them long enough to eat them.

However, there’s no evidence as of now that the townspeople are also cannibals but certainly, the Goto Family is.

Who Is That Tall Man Mashiro Meets In The Forest and Also Attacks Daigo?

Mashiro when wanders at night see a man eating a body near a stream and that man comes to face her as well. Mashiro offers him candy and the tall man gives her the finger of the person who he’s been eating which she gives to her father and he sends to the lab for analysis.

That tall man is called as “That Man” and informs Daigo that all the family matters are settled by “That Man” right after that moment, the tall man attacks Daigo injuring him and making him unconscious. That man is also part of the Goto Family and as we’ve established Goto Family members are cannibals, he seems to be an elder who has been keeping the tradition alive.

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Who Was The Tall Man Eating When Mashiro Sees Him In The Forest?

Mashira wanders in the forest after a cat and finds the tall man eating a human body which we’re not shown but at the end of Episode 2, we find out whose body is it. Mr. Kano who was the residential officer before Daigo and his family arrived in Kuge, goes missing, and while the official reason everyone gets is that he gambled a lot and was in debt because of which he went missing his daughter tells him that his father never gambled once in his life and that, the Goto Family is involved because the last time his daughter Sumire saw him, he went to the main house of the Goto Family.

However, the finger which Mashiro finds turns out to be Mr. Kano’s meaning the body that the tall man was eating from is of Mr. Kano. Goto Family killed Mr. Kano as well and that tall man was eating him that night in the forest.



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