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Kuge Village Real Place? Real Story ? – Is Kuge Village From Gannibal A Real Village?

Gannibal Series Real Story?: Gannibal, the Japanese Drama Series which has debuted on Disney+ this week tells us the compelling story of a town that follows its own rules and how one family is dominating the whole village which is secluded and functions in its close-knitted community.

Gannibal tells us the story of Daigo Agawa who has been transferred to the village of Kuge as a residential officer after the previous one goes missing.

Daigo soon finds out that the village while being very welcoming is also practicing cannibalism. With a compelling storyline, it would naturally make us think whether this is a real story and if such a village that is secluded exists. Well, here are the answers to those questions.

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Is Kuge Village Real Place?

No such village with the name of Kuge exists in Japan and while the whole Drama and the Manga happen inside that village, it seems to be totally fictionalized and the writer of the manga has made it not resemble any of the villages to avoid bad publicity. However, there’s a village called Kuga. Located in the Kuga District in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan but there doesn’t seem to be any news of cannibalism that would pop out.


Anyways, we did come across a village in Japan that seems to be secluded and does have some urban legends associated, That village is Inunaki Village which is located on the outskirts of Kushu’s Prefecture. Inunaki Village is now abandoned and the village gate has multiple warnings for the visitors to not go in with one of them saying “The Constitution and Laws of Japan do not apply here”.

It’s said that the people who used to live in the town were uncivilized and barbaric in nature and everything, rape, incest, murder, and cannibalism was legal there. There’s a tunnel beside the village that is said to be haunted and people hear screams inside the village.

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The village is now abandoned and no one lives there but the warning still remains. The village has been associated with some urban legends and this could be one of the inspirations for the manga and the drama.



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