Gadar 2 Day 24 Collection: “Gadar 2” is soon to complete 4 weeks at the box office. In some cities, the hype for the film still remains the same. Real “Gadar” and Sunny Deol fans are watching this movie multiple times on big screens, so this is giving a high boost to the occupancy and box office collection. In the first week, “Gadar 2” achieved a blockbuster tag at the box office. Soon, “Jawan” will take over at the box office. This is going to be way bigger than “Pathaan.”

We’ve already updated you about “Border 2,” but it’s not happening because producers aren’t happy with the script. Due to this, director JP Dutta also hasn’t said or announced anything about the film. Even now, “Gadar 2” is doing wonders at the box office. The movie will hit 500 crores by tonight. Many shows were houseful due to the weekend. Fans are still hooting and shouting inside the theaters.

“Gadar 2” had an overall 32% Hindi occupancy on its 24th day.

Here is the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1: 40 Crores
Day 2: 43 Crores
Day 3: 51 Crores
Day 4: 39 Crores
Day 5: 55 Crores
Day 6: 32 Crores
Day 7: 23 Crores

Day 8: 20 Crores
Day 9: 32 Crores
Day 10: 41 Crores
Day 11: 13.60 Crores
Day 12: 12 Crores
Day 13: 10 Crores
Day 14: 8.50 Crores

Day 15: 7 Crores
Day 16: 13 Crores
Day 17: 16 Crores
Day 18: 4 Crores
Day 19: 5 Crores
Day 20: 8 Crores
Day 21: 8.10 crores

Day 22 – 5.30 Crores
Day 23 – 6.10 Crores
Day 24: 8 Crores

Total Collection In India: 502 Crores*



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