Jawan Advance Booking Collection Till Now: Jawan Advance Booking Collection Till Now: Jawan’s booking started one day ago, and everyone’s reactions were shocking. SRK fans had already predicted that this was going to happen for sure. The trailer of the movie was released just seven days ago, and despite that, the hype is on the next level.

“Jawan” will be bigger than “Pathaan” for sure. “Jawan” was originally scheduled to be released in July 2023, but due to editing and VFX work, it was pushed to September.

When advance booking started for “Pathaan,” suddenly the makers of “Salaar” postponed the much-anticipated movie “Salaar,” starring Prabhas and Prithviraj. SRK is going to rule the box office for at least one month. When advance booking started, “Jawan” sold more than 1 lakh tickets in just five hours. It has already sold more than 4 lakh tickets.

Till now, more than 4 Lakhs tickets have been sold for “Jawan,” and the collection from advance booking is 14 crores. This is really huge. Fans are going crazy about the movie, and everyone is celebrating SRK’s film like a festival.

Total Advance Collection Till now For Day 1: 14 Crores



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