Full Circle Episode 5 Explained: Harmony gets summoned to the police station and finds out they have been planning a raid on Mrs Mahabir’s house and Manny is leading the team. She’s also been suspended on the basis of the psych eval. She leaves the meeting as she finds something off with Xavier. After reaching the hotel she finds Xavier is missing.

Xavier had been taken to Garmen by Paul and he was asking him what he was doing at the hotel and why he had an ankle monitor on. Xavier tells him about harmony and assures him he didn’t say anything to her and he’s on his side Garmen didn’t believe him so he calls Louis and tells him to arrange money to book a seat for the plane which will take them home. Jeff and his wife visit her brother’s house to find out what exactly happened in the past as Jeff seems to be having issues remembering. After a short argument, they realized it was Sam who turned him in.

Aked calls Natalia’s phone Edward Chung picks up and offers him money and his fiance’s phone he agrees and picks up the money along with Natalia’s phone. By checking her phone he finds her brother’s location and goes looking for them. Louis and Natalia try to meet Nicky’s father so that they can ask him for money. But as they get to the apartment they see him leaving after having a fight with his wife so they follow him to a hotel.

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Darek gets a suite in the hotel and Natalia finds his room number after a while, Natalia knocks on his door and asks to come in with his son and his brother. Louis asks him for money in exchange for keeping this a secret but Darek tells him to go ahead and tell everyone as everyone already knows.

As they were having an argument Nicky takes the chance and tries to leave the room but as soon as he opens the door he finds Aked. So he rushes to the bathroom Natalia and Louis tag along.

Aked gets inside, Darek tries to stop him but he bangs the gun on his head which makes him fall on the ground. He goes looking for Natalia and finds her hiding alongside Nicky in the bathroom. As he points his gun toward her and warns her Louis takes the chance and hits him with a base which leads to an intense fight but Aked gets shot in the process.

Darek gets in and watches Aked die after this he tells them to get out. Louis and Natalia leave the place leaving Jared there with his father. Louis calls Xavier and tells him they don’t have the money and Aked is dead. Natalia asks him if they could instead get Garmen a painting that costs five times more to hold their bargain. Xavier tells Garmen about the whole thing and he asks if Mrs Mahabir knows. Xavier replies he doesn’t think anybody knows. Garmen tells him not to lose touch with them.

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Harmony meets Sam again and asks for her Cooperation so that it could help others take down the guys responsible for it. As she leaves she comes across a video of the chalk cart that was used to draw circles around the park and tries to find who actually rented it. That’s when this episode ends.

As per my review for this episode, it was a slow burn but had its moments. As everything is coming full circle all the puzzle pieces are starting to come together and form the bigger picture there are still some things left to uncover for us in the next and final episode of the series.



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