Full Circle Episode 6 Explained: Manny is all set for the raid on Mrs Mahabir’s House. He’s using Cunio to verify the people inside. He’s equipped with a pen camera and instructed to take the full name of whomever he comes across in the house.

Mrs Mahabir asks Garmen about Aked’s whereabouts but he denies it. He then asks her to pay the money which he is owed. Mrs. Mahabir agrees and says he will get them tonight.

Cunio is then greeted by Garmen and Paul. Garmen tells him the casino will get their money tonight. After this Cunio meets Mrs Mahabir and she introduces him to Mr Willoughby. Garmen uses this chance to make a few calls to arrange the plane and tells Xavier to tell her wife to leave with the kids early and call Louis to get the painting and meet at the river.

Mrs Mahabir tells everyone to form a circle so that Mr Willoughby can perform the ritual but it gets interrupted by the police as they barge unannounced. Garmen tries to flee but Manny follows him home.

Manny breaks into Garmen’s house and tries to find him. Xavier and Garmen both of them are hidden inside as Manny gets closer to Xavier he tries to outrun him but Manny gets shot in the head by Garmen. Xavier and Garmen leave the house through a hidden passway that leads into a tunnel and to the river.

Louis and Natalia form a plan to distract the security and enter the building to steal the painting from Darek and Sam’s apartment. Louis manages to get past the guard and enter the building but as soon as he gets into the house he comes across Sam who was about to leave.

Sam and Louis get into a fight as Louis tries to make her understand he is not gonna hurt her he’s just here for the painting. But she manages to outsmart him and gets to the bedroom and takes the gun out from the safe. Louis tries to take off the painting from the wall but is unable to do so as it is bolted. Sam comes back with the gun and points it at Louis telling him to leave the house but he replies he can’t, he needs the painting to save himself and her sister who are in this mess because they tried to save her son and now those people are trying to kill them. He just wants to go home Sam asks him about his home and lets him leave with the painting.

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Meanwhile, Harmony gets to the location of the person who rented the chalk cart and finds Mr Willoughby’s passport and tickets inside. Soon after Mr Willoughby gets there and he tells him everything.

Louis and Natalia get to the river and try to find Xavier and Garmen. Garmen gives a choice to Xaviar to kill both of them but he’s unable to do so he tries to do it himself but Xavier kills Garmen to protect his friends. Louis and Natalia are confused about his actions. Xavier tells them to get to the plane and leave the painting as it’s not necessary. He sends them off by giving them money for the flight and tells Mrs Garmen his husband had some business so he won’t be able to go tonight he’ll be coming tomorrow and send these two to take care of them.

Sam finally forgives Darek and visits him in the hospital. Harmony meets her there and tells her Manny is dead and asks for her cooperation so that the people responsible get caught. Sam says even if she wanted to help there was no way she could as all the evidence was destroyed. Harmony tells her to ask her uncle if he might help. As he’s keeping the evidence to keep her safe. She visits her uncle later and gets a copy of the evidence to present to the police.

Louis and Natalia get to their home and everyone gets a happy ending as Darek’s relationship with Sam is restored and he’s no longer ignorant of his son Nicky and Sam realizes her fault for helping Manny. That’s when this series ends.

As per my review of this episode, I think it was a good watch and answered all of the questions we had throughout the series and gave a fitting ending to all of the characters. Everything came full circle and ended on a happy note.



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