Full Circle Episode 3: The episode begins with Louis, Xavier, Aked, and Paul burying the bodies of Keesen and Jared. Louis carefully handles the situation and handles the bodies himself as he wouldn’t want them to find out it’s a dummy. Everyone is disturbed because of the killing, especially Aked. Harmony gets called into the station and handed over the case of Jared. She has to work on the case with two other cops.

Nicky wakes up in a hotel and meets Natalia as she tells him about the whole kidnapping thing and tells him to call his parents as they would be worried but he refuses to do so as he thinks it would be better not to as they don’t care about him. Aked is worried as Natalia won’t pick up his call and she hasn’t shown up for work too.

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Garmen invites Xavier home and gives him a bonus for his impressive work. He also reveals to him he’s not like Mrs. Mahabir and wants to quit this life and go home. Later Xavier gave her online girlfriend a gift from the bonus money.

Harmony visits Sam and Darek in their home. As they ask them about the boy Darek seems to stay silent and avoid the question. Sam gets a bit uncomfortable and gets to the kitchen Harmony follows her and asks to check Jared’s room as a routine check-up and accompany her. Harmony tries to extract some information from her and she asks her what it is that his husband is hiding from her. Harmony dismisses her questions and soon after they leave their place.

Louis meets her sister and Nicky in a motel. Louis and Natalia talk in private about what to do about the boy as she tells him something is wrong with the boy he refuses to call his parents so Louis tells her to use him as a get-out ticket and maybe ask his parents for money but she refuses and tries to reach her friend who might help her get out of this country if she could give her boss some information about Mrs Mahabir.

A woman comes forward to the police about her missing son but she refuses to tell who the father is. Harmony guesses it to be Darek and is proven right as she has signed an agreement not to speak about it. She told them his son ran away from home a few months ago and he wouldn’t come back. He’s obsessed with his father and has some mental health issues. She also reveals her name to be Charisse.

Sam meets Manny and he tells him he didn’t say anything to the police. Apparently, he was involved in a case regarding her father’s brother, Sam. Darek also meets Charisse to talk about their son.

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Xavier, Aked, and Paul meet each other as they can’t seem to reach Louis and her sister. So Aked doubts they might be in on it as he remembers Louis was stopping him from checking out Jared’s body as he found something to be wrong with his hair during burial and doubts what if that body wasn’t even of Jared That’s when this episode ends.

As for my review of this episode, I would say it’s going great and it’s a lot more engaging the pacing has improved quite a lot from the last two episodes and a lot of things are at play here which makes it a really good watch. This has to be the strongest episode yet.



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