Full Circle Episode 4 Explained: This episode begins with Garmen showing Mrs. Mahabir pictures of the dummy from the burial site. Garmen sends Xavier with Paul and asks Aked to find his fiance and her brother. Aked logs into a food delivery app with Natalia’s id and finds her motel location and rushes to the place.

Meanwhile, Natalia’s friend called her back asking to meet so all of them left the motel. Therefore Aked is unable to find them in the motel. Natalia asks her brother and Nicky to wait outside as she goes in to talk with Edward Chung.

Edward Chung tries to cut a deal with Garmen in exchange for Natalia and her brother. Natalia’s friend gives her a hint about the trap so she goes to the bathroom and escapes with her brother and Nicky and returns to the motel.

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Meanwhile, Harmony visits Sam again and asks her about her family’s relationship with the Colony Of Essequibo and also tells her about his husband’s son Nicky. They get into a fight and Sam tells her to leave as she is leaving she meets Darek and tells him about her wife’s secret and the colony of Essequibo. Sam confronts Darek about the boy and he tells her that it was a mistake. Sam leaves hearing this to her parents.

Louis calls Xavier and leaves him a voicemail telling him about all the things and asking for his forgiveness for leaving him and lying to him. Louis and Natalia come up with a plan to call Nicky’s parents and ask them for money. Louis calls Sam and tells her they have his son but she puts him on hold and calls Joey to check if Jared is safe. After checking she tells him his son is fine. Louis gets confused and figures out something is wrong. Nicky tells him his real identity and they figure his father cared for him and brought the money so maybe he’ll do it again.

Meanwhile, Garmen is holding a meeting at his house regarding the whole situation and to plan. Harmony has been following Aked. Aked and Xavier reach there but Aked tells him to wait in the car and goes inside. Harmony takes the chance and gets Xavier out of the car and takes him with her. Garmen looks for Xavier in the meeting and tells Aked to get him but he finds him missing so he calls him but Harmony tells Xavier to tell him that he’s with his girlfriend.

Harmony takes Xavier to a hotel and puts him on house arrest. Harmony asks him about what’s actually going on and what went down in the park, so he tells her that Mrs Mahabir is trying to take off some curse put on her husband which is affecting her family and why she did that all circle thing at the park.

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Harmony visits Sam’s parents and her uncle to find out more about the Guyana case, She gathers something went down and Sam and manny were involved in it. Later Sam and Manny meet at the park and she tells him she destroyed all the evidence as per instructed.

Xavier hears Louis’s voicemail and calls his girlfriend telling her he’s all right and calls her over to the hotel. As they were having lunch Garmen’s men broke in so Xavier told his girlfriend to hide in the bedroom. Xavier asks Paul to take him to Garmen that’s when this episode ends.

As for my review of this episode, this was another good episode. Everyone puts forward a nice performance. As the story moves forward more mysterious stuff comes forward which makes us more excited about upcoming episodes, Let’s see what goes down next week.



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