Frank Sturgis Wiki House Of Plumbers Real Story: Frank Sturgis, who played the character in “White House Plumbers,” is currently streaming on HBO Max. The episodes will be released weekly.

This series tells us the dark truth of “The Watergate Scandal” & how Howard Hunt & G. Gordon started burglary along with five burglars under President Nixon, but their plan becomes failed.In the series, Kim Coates plays the character of Frank Sturgis.

Frank Angelo Fiorini was among the five burglars in the Watergate Incident. He was born in the US on December 9, 1924. After serving time in jail, he worked as a Miami police officer. He also fought against the communist government and supported Cuba and the Soviet Union. Later, we learned that he had cancer and fought with it. After one week, he died on December 4, 1993, at the age of 69, in Miami, US.

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