Akuma Kun Episode 4: Sanae, the house owner, goes to the Millenarianism Research Institute where she finds Demon Gremory sleeping naked in Ichiro’s house. Gremory is the same demon who possessed the body of Hina. Ichiro tells Gremory to sleep in the demon world rather than sleeping in the research institute.

Sanae tells Ichiro that the director El wants to meet him. El and Sanae’s husband were good friends, and Sanae wants Ichiro to accept El’s request. We also find out that Sanae’s husband has been missing for a couple of months; some people even think that he died. El asks Ichiro to find the film of Director Bito. Bito is one of his friends, and according to him, Bito did a contract with a demon to make this specific movie, and after wrapping up his movie, he tells El that he isn’t going to release this movie in the theaters as it is cursed.

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Distributors and producers even forced Bito to release the movie, but he burned all the script and print of the movie. He takes one print of the movie and runs away. El wants Ichiro to find it as it became very popular among the cinephiles, as a lost Masterpiece movie which never got released. He wants to watch it and release it in public, as Bito is his friend. Ichiro agrees to it but suspects El.

Gremory returns to the institute, and Ichiro asks her what she wants. Gremory tells that she wants his heart. She wants to taste the heart of this young prodigy. Ichiro agrees to it on one condition; Gremory has to do anything Ichiro tells her to do. Ichiro asks Gremory to find the film of Bito.

It was very easy for Gremory; she easily finds the movie. Ichiro gives it to El, and he sees it. He cries at the end of the movie. El then burns the movie so no one could see it. Ichiro and Mephisto are shocked to see this, and they ask him why he did it. El tells them that Bito wasn’t his friend; it was just a PR-made stunt, that’s why they had to face each other. El always envied Bito for his movies, and now he burned down the lost Masterpiece.

Mephisto was angry at him as he thought El was a good friend of Bito. Suddenly El gets a heart stroke and dies in that place. At the funeral, Shiiba, El’s manager, turns out to be a demon. Bito didn’t summon any demon to make his film; it was another director who summoned him, but he didn’t become successful. Still, the demon stayed there due to the rivalry of El and Bito.

The demon loves envy, and he enjoyed the envy and bitterness of El and Bito. El makes his last film, which becomes a huge hit and successful. Bito then envies him and thinks of making a bigger movie than El. The movie turned out to be very bad; that’s why Bito didn’t want to show that movie to anyone. After El saw it, he cried because the movie was very bad; that’s why El burned the movie, now no one can watch this bad movie of his friend Bito.

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El and Bito envy each other but also respect each other; the envy was the reason why they became successful.



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