Danielle ‘Meet Me In Paris’ Rooku: Meet Me In Paris is a reality Rom Com film where Three Single Women Mimi, Jasmine, and Danielle go to Paris and they have Two Weeks to find their True love. Of those three women, one of them is Danielle.

Who is Danielle in Meet Me in Paris?

Danielle Mateo is a Normal Person like us. She is working at MVMT, MVMT is a watch company that sells watches, sunglasses, and other accessories. MVMT-made watch that is made of Quartz (a chemical Crystal)

Danielle total has 4.8k+ Followers on Instagram @daniellemateo and she is getting love after the show.

Who Does Danielle Choose in Meet Me in Paris?

Danielle first meets Ben and then Stev and starts dating the two, In the end, it was very hard for Danielle to choose, and she chose Ben as her boyfriend, as of now, they are still together, but it doesn’t look like the same on their social media handles, we will get back to you with the update soon.



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