Fariq Abdul Hamid Pilot: Netflix’s latest documentary series ‘MH370: The Plane That Disappeared’ is the story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing, after the incident there is a lot of focus on the pilots that are present on the flight so in this article we are going to know about Co-Pilot/First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid. So, let’s get started.

Fariq Abdul Hamid’s Family and Fiancé?

Fariq was a very humble man, whose father was a civil servant so he went to pursue his dream to become a pilot, he joined Malaysia Airlines as a Cadet Pilot in 2007 and the flight MH370 that went missing was supposed to be his last flight as a training pilot.

But unfortunately, that flight went missing and still, there is no clue of that flight. He was supposed to marry 26-year-old Nadira Ramli captain at AirAsia, they were students together at Langkawi Flying School, so they started feeling attracted to each other, and after the news, she was given a full month’s holiday from her job.

She decided to stand with Fariq’s family and started taking care of his mother who was barely eating and sleeping. As they still looking for answers, there was a rumor that Fariq invited girls into the cockpit and smoked cigarettes with them but none of this is confirmed yet.

Missing jet's co-pilot set to wed sweetheart
Image: Newyork Post
Where Are Fariq Abdul Hamid’s Family and Fiancée Now?

After the incident, his family decides to keep them away from the limelight, as of her Fiancé she is still serving as a pilot and currently living in Sepang, Malaysia, There is no update about the Instagram Handle Hamid, our team is looking for it and we will update it, once we get any info.



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