Faraaz’s Mother Simeen Real Name, Image: The character of Simeen Rehman was Played by Juhi Babbar in the film ‘Faraaz’, The film was released on Big screens on 3rd Feb. 2023, and is now available to watch on Netflix, For all those who are still unaware of the film, The film is based on the True Story of 2016 Dhaka Attacks.

The story of the film mainly revolves around Faraaz, A 20 Year Old Bangladeshi Boy who was Killed by a Terrorist during an attack as he drained living His Friends, Tairsihi and Aisha, alone, Juhi Babbar will be seen Playing the role of his Mother and that character is also based on the True story and Real Character.

As shown in the film, Faraaz is the Son of one of the Biggest Business families from Dhaka and his family was in Pharma Business, The story is also true in the real life, The Character of Faraaz’s mother is also based on the real-life Mother of Faraaz, Simeen  Rehaman, as of now as per official records, She is CEO of Transcom Group.

You can also check the Real Image of Simeen;

Ms. Simeen Rahman



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