Faisu To Star In Alt Balaji’s Bang Baang (Bang Bang): Alt Balaji has been producing commerical shows for quite some time and they are getting the success in that genre and hence this time they are coming back with a brand new commerical entertainer web series named Bang Baang – The Sound Of Crimes.

The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor and stars the Tik Tok fame Mr. Faisu aka Faisal Shaikh and Ruhi Singh. You might have seen the lead pair in the latest of Salim Sulaiman’s music video titled Mangi Duaein. While the show has been announced, the shooting will begin in the coming days of September. The show is directed by Abhishek Kapoor.


The show’s plot will revolve around the lead pair and how they form a team to fight goons and crime. It will probably also show the romance elements between the characters while they seemingly solve a much deeper crime.


The series stars Faisal Shaikh and Rumi Singh in the lead. More cast will be announced in the coming weeks.


An official teaser by Alt Balaji was released recently on social media platforms. In the teaser, we see both the lead introduction and how Rumi fights off the criminals. Faisal arrives in the fight and makers a dialogue and then both of them start shooting the criminals.

Basically the makers are trying to get a mass appeal in the show and that’s why they have kept the massy elements and seemingly whistle moments. Here in the first look of the series, have a look at it.

Release Date

No official confirmation of release date has been made but the show might arrive late in November or December 2020.

This was all about the Faisu’s web series Bang Baang, what is your opinion about it? are you excited about it? let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this, stay tuned with us.


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