Everything Now Episode 1: Uk-based Teen Drama series ‘Everything Now’ is streaming on Netflix. There are 8 Episodes in the show and all episodes are around 40 Minutes long. We are covering the Episode wise recap of the show and here goes recap of Episode 1.

The first episode of the show starts with the introduction of a girl named ‘Mia,’ who had been in the hospital for the last seven months due to a food disorder issue. Now, she is out of the hospital after seven months of treatment. She returns home with her father, and there, she gets to see that everyone is there to welcome her. She didn’t like that much and then went to sleep. Here, we get introduced to a few characters like Alex (Mia’s brother), Mia’s Mom, and her grandmother.

The story then moves further, where we see that Mia is getting ready for school after seven months. She is nervous and happy at the same time. Here, we get introduced to some of Mia’s friends like Cameron, Becca, and Will. On her way to school, Mia learns that her friends have done a lot of things in these three months, and she is way behind them. All of a sudden, she finds out about a party that is going to happen at Theo’s house, and here we see that Mia requests Theo to let her join the party, and Theo agrees to that.

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Mia is now very excited for the party and makes a checklist for herself. In her checklist, she mentions that she will drink, smoke, kiss, and dance with someone at the party. She also mentions having sex on her checklist. At night, Mia goes to the party and takes around three shots of drink, and she is partially unconscious now. She tries to kiss Theo at the party, but Theo was not expecting that, and he moves her away.

All of a sudden, Mia starts vomiting, and then she keeps on vomiting all over at the party. An ambulance was called, and we saw that Mia was given some medicine. Mia’s friends were there, and they consoled her, telling her that there is no need to hurry, and they will help her complete her checklist. The episode ends here.

As of now, the show gives us the vibe of “Never Have I Ever,” where we see that Devi’s character is almost similar to Mia’s. It will be interesting to see what the show has to offer in the upcoming episodes.



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