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The Bear Season 2 Ending Explained

The Bear Season 2 Ending Explained: After making its banger debut last year, HULU’s The Bear has not only doubled down in Season 2 but brought its A-game and that can be observed throughout each Episode of Season 2. Led by Jeremy Allen White as Carmy, the show feels like an ensemble where everyone is working hard for the same goal and that is Opening The Restaurant. Here’s what happened in Season 2 and the recap.

Carmy finds $300,00 at the end of Season 1 and realizes that his brother Mikie who was running The Beef wanted to open a restaurant with Carmy and in Season 2, Carmy wants to turn The Beef into a restaurant that offers fine dining and all that shebang which is worthy of a Michelin Star.

He ends up asking Uncle Cicero for another $500,000 with a promise if he fails, Cicero can have the building which he can sell or do anything with. Carmy ends up getting the money but with a very tight deadline which is close to impossible for opening the restaurant and that keeps the team on its toe.

Tina and Ebra are sent to culinary school and Marcus is sent to Copenhagen to get inspired for the desserts while Sydney becomes the head chef and also a partner with Carmy. Richie is also sent to work as a Stage where Carmy used to work as a head chef.

Everything starts to fall into place with a slight mishap here and there with Ebra skipping the culinary school because he doesn’t like to change a lot but things do work out and it comes to the Fire Suppression Test in the end. If they end up failing that, its game over for them until Fak realizes something and fixes the whole thing and they end up passing the exam.

Carmy also finds himself with an old flame Claire and the two instantly hit it off. Carmy does give her his wrong number because of his inability to let anything good happen to him but Claire finds his number anyhow and the two go out and eventually end up in a relationship.

Carmy’s relationship with Claire does create a bit of a problem with the group, especially Sydney who is his partner and requires full focus but to her, it feels divided between Claire and her. Let it be deciding the chaos menu or the fridge handle, Carmy ends up forgetting a lot of things that he should be getting fixed. The fridge handle is something that comes up a lot during the season but he keeps forgetting to call the guy and when he does, he doesn’t have the reception because Claire was calling him then.

In the last episode, when it’s the rehearsal dinner for the restaurant with Friends And Family, Carmy ends up stuck inside the walk-in because the door handle breaks and ends up spending the whole time inside with Sydney taking the reigns and Ritchie also picking up a new position and it goes very smoothly with Carmy panicking inside.

He ends up having bad thoughts about himself that without himself, the restaurant is still working fine and they probably do not need him. He ends up realizing that his full focus should have been on the restaurant from the start and he considers the relationship with Claire a waste of his time.

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What he doesn’t know is that Claire after knowing Carmy is stuck in a walk-in comes to him and hears what he’s been saying. She leaves shortly after hearing that and saying “I’m sorry you feel that way, Carm.”

Carmy and Ritchie have a heated argument after Ritchie sees Claire leaving and shortly after the fridge guy comes and Carmy comes out, he doesn’t know what to do and Sydney on the other hand is awfully proud of herself but still keeps barfing out back of the restaurant. What should be the greatest night of their lives ended up not being that for Carmy and now he has to live with that and decide what he needs to do.

And that’s where Season 2 ends, with Carmy in despair.



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