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‘Efrain’ Love Is Blind : Instagram, Age, All Details | Season 5

‘Efrain’ Love Is Blind: Just like everyone, Efrain also participated in Love Is Blind to find her dream girl. Efrain is a pro in Dating apps, but still, he hasn’t found that one girl he can spend the rest of his life with. You will get to know about Efrain in this article.

Efrain is just 27 years old, and he is working in software sales, meaning he helps people find the best software for their jobs. But still, he can’t find that one girl. As I said he is a Dating app pro, but he is bored by it because you can’t hang out in person just chatting on messages, and Efrain doesn’t like it.

He wants a face-to-face chat so that he can get to know the girl. Efrain wants a girl who is outgoing, funny, and athletic and who can also spend her time with Efrain’s family as Efrain is a family-oriented person. And if the girl loves beach volleyball then it’s a plus and Efrain loves beach volleyball.

Efrain’s name is Efrain Batista, and he has 1.5k+ Followers on Instagram. He is also on TikTok and Twitter.




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