Eduardo Strauch: Real Image, Where Is He Now? : Netflix presents a Spanish survival drama movie, “Society of the Snow,” based on a real-life incident. The movie is adapted from the book “Society of the Snow” by Pablo Vierci.

In the movie, we see a group of rugby players who are stuck in the middle of the Andean Mountains. They survive 61 days there and successfully come out after a long try. In this group, only 16 members survive. Eduardo Strauch and Alfredo Delgado are also among them. In this article, we are going to discuss where he is now and how he is leading his life.

Before starting the discussion, let’s have a quick understanding of the story of this movie. The movie depicts the horrible incident of the 1972 plane crash in the Andean Mountain range. In this accident, 16 people survived. The movie showcases their journey and their hard work.

In the movie, the character of Eduardo Strauch is played by Rafael Federman. He has acted in movies like “Luis” (2016) and “The Sleepwakers” (2019).

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Eduardo was born in August 1947. He has always been a nature lover from childhood and spent a good time with his family. After the plane crash in 1972, he was among the 16 members who survived until the end. He endured almost 61 days of a deadly situation. But upon returning, he became silent as he couldn’t overcome the trauma. He also resorted to consuming human flesh to survive that situation.

After 2005, he started to communicate with people and share his experience. His dedication inspired many young players.

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Eduardo is alive and leading a happy life. He became an architect and started painting.



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