Alfredo Delgado Real Image, Where Is He Now?: Society Of The Snow is a Netflix original series that tells us the true story behind the Andes plane Crash of 1980. We are telling our readers about the survivors of the crash and here we are going to tell you about Alfredo ‘Pancho’ Delgado

In the movie, the character of Alfredo Delgado is played by Valentino Alonso. He has acted in movies like “Man in Bag” and “Los Colegiales.”

Alfredo Delgado is known as Alfredo ‘Pancho’ Delgado. He is also one of the survivors of the 1980s horrible plane crash incident. He survived 61 days and is now leading a happy life. His survival story is a great comeback story for all players.

Alfredo Delgado was born in Montevideo in November 1947. Among all the survivors, he is the oldest one. Due to a serious leg injury, he was unable to move but still survived because of his bravery. After returning from that incident, he shared his life story with others and started leading a normal life. He married Susana Sartori, who was actually his girlfriend. Now, he is the father of four children, but he still keeps his life private compared to others after that incident.

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Alfredo Delgado is living a happy life with his family. His survival story is always a great comeback.


That’s all about Alfredo Delgado and Eduardo Strauch. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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