Does Jake Whitehall Star In Bad Education Season 4?: Bad Education is set to return to our screens after a decade of its release. The Jake Whitehall-created and starred school sitcom has returned for its fourth season on BBC Three with characters you’re very familiar with, but with some changes.

The beloved show that starred Jake Whitehall as Mr. Wickers who not only created the show but also starred in it has returned recently for a six-episodic series. However, what you might be wondering about is whether you’ll see Mr. Wickers in action again or not. And if not, who will be taking that weird mantle in their hands? Well, we’ve got you covered in that.

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Bad Education ran from 2012 to 2014 with three back-to-back seasons which was followed by a film that makes it seem like the series was done for good how much of school years can you squeeze in, am I right? Well, for the answers, it was announced that Jake Whitehall has departed from the show and will not be part of Bad Education Season 4 but his students, namely Mitchell and Stephen played by Charlie Wernham and Layton Williams respectively will be continuing with the series.

In Season 4, they play teachers at Abbey Grove with Mitchell taking PE (Physical Education) and Stephen taking Drama while you will be seeing another character returning for his role such as Fraser played by Mathew Horne.

Season 4 consists of 6 Episodes each of about 30 minutes and is currently playing on BBC iPlayer right now.



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