“Criminal Record” Episode 3: Criminal Record is an ongoing Apple TV+ original show that is streaming with 3 episodes we have already posted a recap of the previous 2 episodes now we will move towards episode 3, The upcoming which is 4th episode that will be streamed next Week We will also post an recap of that episode Too.

Episode 3 starts with a small recap of the previous 2 episodes. After that, we see a small kid eating ice cream, and suddenly a gunshot noise shocks everyone. In the next scene, the small kid dies as the gunshot was fired on his head. After that, the intro comes.

Daniel arrives at the crime scene. On the other side, June is searching for the woman who is helping Errol Mathis from outside. Daniel is investigating the crime scene with his assistant. DS Lenker also arrives at the crime scene and meets Daniel.

Lenker says, “I also have a son, so I came to help.” Daniel leaves after a small talk with Lenker. After that, she meets Kim Cardwell, who came with Daniel to the crime scene. Kim tells her that seventeen gangs are operating in this area.

Daniel calls someone and informs them about the child on the call. Lenker is asking her mom about Jacob, with whom he’s roaming now. At the same time, the news comes on TV about the boy who got shot in the head in the park.

After that, Jacob comes home. Lenker is worried about Jacob and meets Sonya. She tells Sonya something about the woman she’s searching for. Sonya gives some evidence to Lenker, which is from Errol’s trial. At first, she declines, but later, she agrees and takes the evidence box home.

Daniel reaches home, and one man on a wheelchair asks Daniel about the investigation. Daniel sees the posters printed and stuck by Lenker at various places, and it worries him. On the other side, Lenker starts listening to the confession of Errol Mathis. In that, he says, “I killed Adelaide Burrowes.” She listens to tapes, and there are video recordings where we see a dead body.

After that, she calls Sonya, and they talk about the case. She also tells her that Errol had a lot of debt on his head and stole money from his own parents. But the main point is Errol’s motive. Lenker asks where’s the evidence.

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Sonya says she is a lawyer and will help her meet Errol. At the same time, we get to see that Daniel calls her and says he is in the hospital. Daniel wants Lenker to visit the hospital where the 9-year-old kid was admitted. The mother of the young kid gets emotional and we get to see that Daniel is also present in the hospital.

On the other side, Daniel meets with another guy in his car. Lenker goes to meet Errol, and Errol asks Lenker about her name, but Lenker doesn’t say anything. She’s there to ask him something and starts asking questions about his alibi. After that, she asks him about the confession. Errol replies, “I was on drugs; I didn’t remember everything.” Lenker asks him how he killed her, and by mistake, Lenker takes Patrick’s name. Errol says to Lenker that she’d seen Patrick, but Lenker hasn’t seen him.

Errol says, “Do me a favor. Whenever you meet my mum, please give her a kiss from my side.” Lenker doesn’t say anything to him.

When Lenker comes out, she talks to Sonya in the car. On the other side, she comes to know about Daniel’s work of driving a cab. She tells Sonya about it. Suddenly, Lenker receives an emergency call, and she rushes to the office. She asks Chloe about the suspect, and Chloe says, “Jason Reeve.” She goes with Chloe. Daniel gave them that tip-off.

All units go inside the building, and Daniel sees everything and gives them commands. Police go into the room. Suddenly, the cameras go off, and Daniel isn’t able to see the visuals when units enter the room.

Jason Reeve isn’t present there. His girlfriend is present, and they’re searching for him. Daniel is continuously asking for “firearm.” Tony is continuously calling Daniel, and Tony tells Daniel about Lenker, that she won’t stop, she will be continuously behind his back.

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The visuals on the screens are back, and Lenker sees a guy on the road. Daniel gives an order to Lenker to fall back, but Lenker doesn’t listen, and the suspect fires a gunshot. Lenker is safe; she falls on the floor, and the units catch the suspect, but they don’t find the firearms.

Daniel says to Lenker, “We missed you at the briefing.” Lenker replies, “I was at a court hearing. It was an old DV case.” But suddenly Lenker says, “Sorry, it wasn’t the truth.” She says, “I was conducting a prison interview.” Daniel asks, “Which prison?” She replies, “Whitecollar. This old collar of mine.”

Daniel and his unit get the firearm, and Daniel starts writing about the case. Daniel talks to Claudia about the case. June Lenker meets Claudia, and Claudia thanks Lenker for that case. Suddenly, June receives a call from a person, “Mick Hargreaves.” He tells her that he remembers about “Patrick Burrowes.”

Suddenly, June comes to know about a shocking thing regarding Patrick. Mick tells her that the police let Patrick go, and it was a personal favor on him. Mick also says it wasn’t some local police; it was CID, Glasgow, and Lenker comes to know that it is Daniel.



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