The Puppetman Ending Explained: Shudder original Horror thriller movie ‘The Puppetman’ is now streaming on the platform. The film was released in English audio only along with subtitles. Here is the recap and ending of the movie.

We are here to answer a few questions like What Happened to Demon and Michal at the end? Why Michal Kills Danny? Who Was Inside Michal’s Body? and Who Kills Michal’s Mother?

The film is not suitable to watch with Family and kids. It is around 90 Minutes long and you can watch it in English audio along with subtitles.

Recap and Summary

The film starts with a man named David murdering his own wife. It looks like someone is forcing him to do this, and the film starts with the title card. Here we get to see that some podcasters are talking about Puppetman, and they are saying that he is back and he is the reason behind David’s wife’s murder.

Later in the film, we get to see a girl named Michal who is living with her roommate, Charlie. We also learn that Michael is the daughter of David, who killed his wife. Michael has some more friends like Danny, who likes her, Charlie’s boyfriend, Glenn, and another girl, Joo. They all decide to have a fun hangout together, and just before that, Michael saw a video of herself on Charlie’s laptop.

In those videos, Michal was sleepwalking and sometimes hurting herself. Charlie also arrives, and she says that she has never told this to anyone, and that it’s between them only. In the next scene, we see the group having fun and drinking beer on the rooftop. Here, Michal learns that Charlie has also told Glenn about Michael’s sleepwalking. After learning this, Michael starts crying, and she starts going from there.

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While Michal was about to leave from there, Charlie feels that she can’t move, and she has no control over her body. In the next second, she jumps from the roof and dies on the spot. Detective Al Rosen starts the investigation of the case.

Michal goes home after the investigation and talks with nobody. Danny then follows and stays outside Michael’s room just to make sure she is okay. In the night, Danny discovers that Michael is sleepwalking again, and she was about to jump from the roof, but Danny saves her. The next day, Charlie’s mom arrives at their room and asks them to talk to a woman named Ruby. All four of them go and visit Ruby, and there Ruby tells them that there are some dark powers around Michal and adds that it was Michal who killed Charlie.

The Puppetman Ending Explained - Why Michal Kills Danny? | Recap & Summary

Jo goes to Ruby’s house and there Ruby Gives her a book called “The Cult Of Dolos” while reading the book she feels that she has lost control and then she also dies a brutal death Killing herself. On the other hand, Glenn also Killed himself in the Gym. Danny then gets to know about the death of his friends but he doesn’t tell anything to Michal. Michal then tries to Kill herself by Jumping off the bridge but Danny is shocked to see that some Invisible thing has pulled her back. Danny takes Michal to Ruby and there Ruby tells Danny to take Michal away from the city and People.

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The Ending

In the car, Dolos (The Evil Inside Michal) kills Danny too. Then, Michal goes to the police station and asks the officer to arrest or shoot her. All the officers open fire, but no one is able to touch Michal and shockingly they end up killing themselves. Detective Al Rosen shoots Michal from behind and then takes her to Ruby. Ruby tells Detective Al Rosen that these killings were not done by Michal, but they were committed by some evil that was placed inside her when she was young. She also adds that Michal’s parents used to engage in these cult activities, and when Michal was a young child, some devil entered her body. Whoever tries to discover that thing is killed by it.

What Happened To Michal and the Devil?

Ruby then tells Detective Al Rosen that they need to insert the Devil into someone’s body and then put that person in a coma, which can only save Michal and other innocent lives. Detective Al Rosen agrees with this, and Michal passes the Devil into her father’s body. An injection is given to him, and he falls into a coma. Everyone thought that all went well, but in the last few minutes, we see a cunning smile on Michal’s face, which indicates that the devil is still inside her, and the film ends here.

Now, many of you may ask the question, “What happened to the Devil and Michal?” Well, the devil is still inside Michal’s body, and it was the devil’s plan to fool everyone so that Michal could be in the safe zone. The devil is still inside Michal’s body, and there are chances that we may get to see another part of the film.

Why did Michal Kill Danny and others?

Now, coming to the question of who kills Michal’s mother, her foster father, and her friends.

The answer is clear: The devil inside Michal kills them all. Here, I am going to explain it one by one, why the devil kills everyone. Starting with Michal’s mother, Patricia used to chain Michal inside the cage for the rituals, and this was like daily torture for Michal. When the devil chose Michal’s body, the devil started killing everyone one by one who had hurt Michal in any way. Michal’s foster father was also killed for the same reason.

Now, many of you may ask the question, “Why were Charlie, Glenn, and others killed?” This was a simple and straightforward rule for the devil. If anyone gets to know about the existence of the devil inside Michal’s body, they will die, and that’s why the devil killed them all.

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This was all about ‘The Puppetman’ ending explained. What do you think about the film? Please let us know in the comments.



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