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Danielle Suh The Devil’s Plan: Instagram, Age, Wiki, Networth | Netflix

Danielle Suh The Devil’s Plan: Danielle Suh is one of the twelve contestants in Netflix’s competitive reality show The Devil’s Plan. The Devil’s Plan has a variety of people playing in the reality show. The show has different people from different backgrounds and Danielle is one of them.

Technically Danielle isn’t from a different background as her parents are actors, but as her parents, she is not an actor. She is a lawyer, and she also takes part in Korean reality shows. She participated in a lot of talk shows and reality shows in Korea such as Men on Fire, Walk Into a Frenzy, Let’s Love Again, and many more.

Danielle Suh is the daughter of actress Seo Jung-Hee and Seo Se-Won. She has a bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and also a law degree from the University of San Francisco. She left her last job as a lawyer in California. Now she lives in South Korea and started working in the South Korean entertainment industry.

What’s the Instagram account of Danielle Suh?

Danielle Suh’s real name is Seo Dong-Joo and her Age is Just 40. She has 100k+ Followers on Instagram and she is also very active on Instagram. Check out her account by clicking the link below.




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