Kwaktube The Devil’s Plan: Kwaktube is a travel YouTuber who travels to different countries and filmed it and uploaded it on YouTube. Kwaktube is also one of the contestants in Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan.

Kwaktube started his YouTube channel 4 years ago in 2018 by vlogging, but then he started making traveling vlogs, his most popular video on his channel is “Life in a 10,000 won Soviet Apartment” where he lives in a 10,000 won Soviet Apartment. The video becomes viral because if you convert 10,000 won to Dollars then it’s $7 Dollars. Want to watch that video then click the link below.

His videos are only in Korean as his audience is from Korea, so if you are non Korean then it might be hard for you. His channel is very active and popular, all of his videos get views of 1 million or 2 million.

Almost all of his videos from the last two years get views of one million or two million. He has 1.7million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 280k followers on Instagram.


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