The latest Bollywood movie is based on the real story of an Indian couple who moved to Norway due to the husband’s job. However, after a few years, their children are taken away by the Norwegian authorities due to the way they treat their children. The authorities consider them unfit parents because the mother feeds the children with her hand, which is very common in India.

They also claim that the parents don’t provide good quality clothes and toys for their children. As a result, the authorities take the children away, and the mother decides to fight the whole country in court to regain custody of her children.

In the movie, we will talk about a character named Daniel Singh, a Norwegian lawyer played by Indian actor Jim Sarbh. Daniel Singh’s character is inspired by a real-life individual, but we don’t know his real name, as there are chances that there may be legal issue to the makers if they uses someone’s name without persmission. The names are also changed due to privacy reasons.

He greatly helps the mother in winning the case and getting her children back. However, we are unable to disclose his real name due to personal and security reasons as there is no data availbale on internet.



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