Race (2023) Kdrama Episode 1: The latest K-Drama is now streaming on Disney+ with its first 2 episodes, while the rest of the episodes will be released weekly. In this article, we are going to give you a recap of the very first episode of the series, which has a runtime of approximately 55 minutes. The series is directed by Lee Dong-yoon. So, here’s the recap of the first episode.

The story starts with Yoon-jo, who is working with a company. Her latest project is to plan for a party with an old 90s theme. However, the party turns out to be a bad plan because the whole party turns into a fighting scene. The young audience wants to watch a different movie while the older ones want to watch another.

After the party, Yoon-Jo goes to her friend’s bar, and they start talking about their other friend, Jae-min, who works in the same position as Yoon but with a higher salary and a better company. He is not as dedicated to his job as Yoon, but he still earns more. Both of them are school friends.

However, both of them get caught up with work on the weekend. Yoon-jo is trying hard to make ends meet and save her job in the company. On the other hand, Jae-min is enjoying his holiday peacefully in a jungle when he receives a phone call from a reporter who is publishing a controversial article against their company.

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As the PR of the company, his duty is to prevent the publication of that article. So, he drives back to town. However, the article gets published anyway, and now his duty is to clean up the mess.

Another character, Seo Dong-hoon, is introduced. He also works as a PR in another company called Earth Communications. But his first meeting with Yoon-jo doesn’t go well. They were both in a hurry, and Yoon-jo was carrying a coffee in her hand when they collided, causing the whole coffee to spill on her clothes. He apologizes to her, hands her his card, and says that he will pay for it next time as he was in a hurry.

The Ending

While Yoon-jo is trying hard to secure the next contract after the incident in her last project, she is also working during the holidays to somehow get a deal. An opportunity arises when Jae-min’s company, Seyong Seldom, is looking for someone to help them with their project. Yoon-jo’s company is also taking part in the bidding. Jae-min finds out about this a day earlier before the bidding day.

The next day, Yoon-jo meets Dong-hoon again during the bidding, and this time she gives him her card. In the end, we learn that Earth Comm wins the bidding, and Yoon-jo realizes that Jae-min knows the truth but doesn’t help her. The distance between the two friends starts to increase, and the episode ends.



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