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Criminal Code Episode 3 : Recap And Ending Explained | DNA do Crime

Criminal Code Episode 3: Criminal Code Episode 3 starts with a bang and it looks like the show is going to be more interesting and thrilling in upcoming episodes. The story is in making and we can expect some great twists and turns for sure. Here goes the recap and Summary of Episode 3 of the show.

Rossi and his team started Operation Crime Genome in which they would arrest all the criminals involved in Paraguay’s Proguard heist. They arrested two criminals involved in the Proguard heist, due to their forensic team’s work and using new technology, they found lots of DNA samples. They used the DNA samples, and it led to other robbery suspects that happened all over the country.

Soulless goes to his friend Roleta to help him in a robbery. Due to the recent police encounter, the organization lost over 30 million Proguard heist money. The organization wants more money to settle with the ambassador to retain peace. Roleta instantly says no to Soulless; he doesn’t want to be in the police radar.

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Roleta bribed cops for running his slot machine business. The cops need their money, but Roleta doesn’t have any money till now. The cops threatened to kill him if he didn’t give any money. Roleta lied to the cops, as he had enough money to pay the cops, but he instantly loses the money in gambling.

Benicio and Sullen didn’t find any more leads after the two arrests, so Benicio asks one of his friends to help him. The friend gives them an idea to filter the DNA profile and crosscheck other people involved in the Proguard heist. They find out about Roleta. Benicio finds out about Roleta’s address through an informer. Benicio and Sullen look out at his home until Guilherme tells them to leave their shift as he will look out for Roleta.

Guilherme mistook another person as Roleta and followed him, which resulted in Roleta leaving the house. Benicio and Sullen again look out at Roleta’s house. Roleta went to Soulless to discuss the next robbery. Roleta returns home at night and finds the two cops there. The cops take him to an unknown place. Benicio and Sullen also followed them and waited outside the place for four hours.

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They didn’t wait any longer; Sullen tells Rossi to send more backups, and the two went to that place. Benicio and Sullen see Roleta’s quartered body. Roleta is dead. The cops and his people started firing at Benicio and Sullen. Sullen got caught in the bullet fire. Sullen didn’t die.

Rossi interrogated one of the cops. The cop tells Rossi that they accidentally killed Roleta. Roleta had a heart issue, they thought to scare him for not giving the money, but he died. The cop tells him about Roleta’s new job with Soulless.


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