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Criminal Code DNA do Crime Season 2 Release Date | Renewed Or Not?

Criminal Code DNA do Crime Season 2 Release Date: Criminal Code is the latest Brazilian crime drama inspired by the real-life heist that occurred in Paraguay, in 2017. The showwriters Bruno Passeri, Leonardo Levis, and Bernardo Barcellos fictionalised real-life events and wrote the Criminal Code. The show is created by director-producer Heitor Dhalia.

The show stars some prominent actors from Brazil such as Maeve Jinkings, Romulo Braga, Thomas Aquino, Alex Nader, and many more actors.


The series follows Benicio, a Brazilian police officer whose partner died in a prison shootout. A big robbery happened at the border between Brazil and Paraguay, Benicio thinks the murderer of his friend is involved in the heist. Benicio then teams up with Sullen and works on the heist case, which leads them to a big breakthrough.

Is Criminal Code Renewed For Season 2?

Criminal Code ended in a perfect way, which doesn’t need Season 2. But, they have story possibilities, they can show Benicio and Sullen working in different cases.

If Netflix green light Criminal Code Season 2, we can expect it to release on late 2024 or Early 2025.

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