Choona Season 2 Release Date: There aren’t a lot of heist drama series created in India, and Choona is one of them. Netflix’s Choona is a comedy, heist, drama created and directed by Netflix’s Taj Mahal 1989, and Ghoomketu director Pushpendra Nath Misra.

Choona is the second web series directed by Pushpendra, his first series “Taj Mahal 1989” got very positive reviews from critics.


The series follows Politician Shukla who is an urban development minister but has power the same as a CM. Due to his greediness and cocky behaviour he created a lot of enemies who wanted to take revenge on him. Student Leader Ansari, Policeman Banke, Reporter Bela, Spy Trilok, Contactor JP, Hacker Jhump, Shukla’s own people such as his Caretaker Bishnu and Pandit Upadhyay make a plan to do a heist that going to turn the life of Shukla upside-down.

Choona Renewed For Season 2 or Not?

Choona Season 1 ended at a crucial point that hints at Season 2 of Choona. The creators have plans for Choona Season 2 but it’s in Netflix’s hand to renew it. I think Choona might not get renewed or they also can renew it, we have to wait for Netflix’s official confirmation. There is zero hype for this series on the internet.

Netflix didn’t even promote it that much, and talking about reviews it got mixed reviews from critics. We have to wait for Netflix’s official Announcement on Choona Season 2. Of everything goes well, The show may be renewed and it will release by 2025.



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