Chokehold is Based On Real Story Story? : Netflix’s latest crime thriller drama is now streaming on the platform. If you have watched this movie, one question comes to mind: is this movie based on a true story? In this article, we will discuss this topic, so let’s get started.

The answer to your question of whether the movie is based on any true story is “NO.” The movie is not based on any true story or incident. The story is completely fictional, and the characters played are also imaginary.

The story is about a couple who move to a new village to live their lives peacefully after a recent scam the husband had done in Istanbul where they used to live before. But the scheme got caught in fraud, the villagers have also invested their savings in the scheme, and after knowing that the man is living in their village, they want to kill him. The local police also said that they will not take any action against the man killing him, so the movie revolves around this, and it is not inspired by any such event in the past.

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