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Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 4 “Rescue” Recap

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 4 “Rescue” Recap: Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 4 “Rescue” Recap: Chainsaw-Man has been keeping up with the status it received before it was even released as a top contender of “Anime of the Year” and for good enough reason. MAPPA has done it again and the openings and end of each Episode prove once again that MAPPA has brought its A-Game to the fight.

The latest Episode titled “Rescue” showed us the pent-up anger Denji had been keeping against people who have been mocking his dream of fondling the chest of a girl and that comes out in a fight against a demon right after he kills the bat devil.

The Episode instantly gives you another demon, specifically, the leech demon which was a partner to the bat devil both of them together had a dream of eating humans and by killing the Bat Devil, Denji killed that dream. The leech demon took Denji’s arm and mocks his dream as well.

An angry Denji who has suffered quite some blood loss to an extent that his chainsaws aren’t coming fully outside. He does give a good fight until he’s saved by Hayakawa and his Fox Devil.

In the rest of the episode, we’re introduced by the rest of the Division 4 members but we’re yet to be introduced to them. The remaining Episode focuses on the breach of their patrol zone and how Hayakawa backs them up after Denji doesn’t give away Power for trying to kill him.

That results in two ways, Hayakawa ends up with another roommate since Makima assigns him Power as his new roommate, and Denji, she allows him to fondle her chest and gives him 3 squeezes.


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