The Great British Bake-Off is back again with another theme that is sweet and wobbly at the same time and tastes absolutely amazing, yep, it’s Custard Week in the Bake-Off tent and it was amazing.

While the already triumphed bakers kept their streak going, some plummeted and the showstoppers were tributes to people that were gone and not there to see their progress in Bake-Off. If you’re curious about what was so interesting about this week’s Bake-Off Episode, let us be your ally!


Signature Challenge: Create their own take on the classic French dessert Iles Flottantes. Judges will be looking for 8 proportions of poached meringue floating on a sea of silky smooth creme Anglaise.

Technical Challenge

Six pistachio & praline ice cream cones. Your cones should be dipped in chocolate & nuts and then topped with a pistachio and praline ice cream.

Showstopper Challenge

Exquisitely decorated set custard gateau. It must consist of multiple baked layers and be sandwiched and supported by beautifully flavored perfectly set custard. They can make any style of gateau they want but the set custard elements must be the star of the show.

The Episode had the bakers on edge with a technical challenge that was timed staggered meaning that the bakers weren’t allowed to confer with each other it started with only 1 baker in the tent and after 5 minutes, a new baker kept on joining and getting the challenge set by the judges.

However, when the time kept finishing for the bakers, they were getting judged blind instantly as Noel or Matt took their bakes directly to the judges. Finally, it was Syabira again who got crowned Star-Baker the second time in a row, and sadly, it was Kevin who had to go home.



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