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Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 2 : Chainsaw Man Episode 2 has been released and the anime is on the exponential rise the second Episode focuses on Denji’s start as a Devil Hunter and we get to meet the other Devil Hunters that we saw in the Opening Song. The Episode was 24 minutes long.

The Episode starts off right from where Episode 1 ended and we see Denji in the car with Makima he’s been asked to do the same thing he was ordered by the Yakuza, to behave like a dog and answer in either “Woof!” or “Yes!” otherwise they’ll put down the dog who doesn’t follow orders.

Denji whose chainsaw’s hurt him as well and he lost a lot of blood in the process, keeps fainting and finds himself lying on Makima’s lap when they’re at a restaurant to eat.

Denji finds himself working shadowing Hayakawa who is another Devil Hunter, and senior to Denji who doesn’t mess around and thinks there’s no place to slackers who lack motivation and Denji’s constant talks about Makima make him think that Denji isn’t Devil Hunter material so he beats up Denji in an alley.

Denji who finds everything he had ever hoped for like food, a good-looking girl to talk to and a house doesn’t want to leave being a Devil Hunter so he beats Hayakawa back but only on his balls, repeatedly.

The silliest moment of the Episode comes when Denji finds himself thinking that he, now has everything he had hoped for but still something’s missing and he comes to the conclusion that he hasn’t touched a girl’s boobs so well, that’s his new goal now and for that he is paired with Power, who is a fiend meaning a devil took over her body and hasn’t left but she’s part of Devil Hunters because she has rational thinking which differs herself from the rest of the fiends.

Denji doesn’t look anywhere else but her boobs and remembers his goal and towards the end of the Episode, he realizes how crazy Power is when she smells blood and kills a low-grade devil with her hammer.



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