Celebrity Episode 6: It’s day 4 of Seo A-Ri’s live stream. Detective Jang Hyun-Soo requests his senior Kim Tae-Young to investigate the case but he refuses saying she’s dead and it’s probably a prank. Detective Jang Hyun-Soo starts suspecting that someone might be involved in it from the department.

We see Jae-Hun calling Seung-Hyeok to make it look as if Chae-Hee’s account got hacked. Back at the club after coming out through the backdoor and arranged for them to securely exit the scene without anyone knowing. A-Ri asks Si-Hyeon about calling the cops but she refuses and tells her that she will handle everything and won’t let anything happen to the guy and asks her to get inside the car. A-Ri agrees and they leave the club.

Later that night when Tae-Jeon returns home Si-Hyeon asks her about the man and what happened to him. He says that the man is fine and should recover soon. After reaching home A-Ri feels guilty and thinks of calling the cops to let them know of the whole situation but she gets interrupted by her friend Jeong-Sun. She takes her inside and shows her that her post on Instagram regarding her brand Ari & has received a lot of preorders and people are anxious to purchase them.

Si-Hyeon calls Seo A-Ri over to talk about the club. As they were discussing Si-Hyeon lets her know that everything is fine and that man should recover soon. Tae-Jeon and Jun-Kyung join them too and Tae-Jeon asks Jun-Kyung to introduce her as they’re dating but Seo A-Ri declines and says they’re not dating and starts to leave. Tae-Jeon stops her and asks her to wait till we finish the business.

Tae-Jeon asks Seo A-Ri to sign an NDA and she would get a fair deal for signing it which could help her in her business. But Seo A-Ri refuses to so Tae-Jeon starts threatening her. Jun-Kyung stops him and takes Seo A-Ri out. Tae-Jeon and Si-Hyeon have a fight about it as well.

Jun-Kyung requests Seo A-Ri to be with him because he will protect him and won’t let anything happen to her or let anyone speak to her like that again. Later he visits Tae-Jeon and asks him to keep Seo A-Ri out of whatever he’s doing and not to involve her in any way.

Seo A-Ri’s business gets quite successful and she starts getting more popular among the crowd with lots more sponsorship coming in. Seung-Hyeok calls her to discuss further business planning but Seo A-Ri says she wants to make Ari & large and wants to make it a clothing brand and handle all design and manufacturing.

Min-Hye meets the rest of the Gabin society members and tells them she’s got a plan to take Seo A-Ri down for good. As Seo A-Ri and her friend visit the market to buy new material for the preorders they find that all of her clothes have been marked exclusive by Bestaroom. After going home she finds that all of her orders have been returned and they’re asking for a refund.

Seo A-Ri got angry and went to meet the bathroom owner, Yu-ri. She warns her and says not to do anything like it again or else it won’t end well for her. She also told her about how he used to sell her body for five million to powerful people to use their influence for her benefit. After revealing all this she gives her a warning to not mess with her that’s when this episode ends.

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