Celebrity Episode 7: This episode begins with Seo A-Ri leaving Yu-ri’s place. As she leaves she meets Park Gyeong-Bae, who used to work at her father’s factory.

Seo A-Ri, her brother, her mother, and her friend of them meet Park Gyeong-Bae and he shows them his factory where he makes clothes that get sold at the Dongdaemun market. Seo A-Ri gets an idea and she goes looking for her boss and asks her if she could sell her products.

After this Seo A-Ri puts a post on the account saying they will be back soon. Which goes viral and people start assuming things.

Si-Hyeon gets worried and calls Min-Hye to check if she has any clues. Min-Hye is quite happy about this as she thinks her plan worked because she tipped Yu-ri about those clothes. Yu-Rang is worried about his husband as he seems to be acting strange. Min-Hye feels suspicious about this she had seen the post from Chae-Hee’s account and was looking for clues. One day Yu-Rang finds an NDA about the club incident in her husband’s bag and wonders what it is.

As Si-Hyeon and Jun-Kyung couldn’t find any information regarding Seo A-Ri they became quite worried. But they decide to keep looking for her. Amid all this there’s a big fashion event so the gabin society, Si-Hyeon and Jun-Kyung attend the event in that event they meet Seo A-Ri.

She’s wearing all the latest clothes from that event which isn’t even out yet so everyone gets shocked how she could even afford it. We came to know that Angela used to sell her body for making money Seo A-Ri used this information and got the event invitation from her to get to the event. Later she goes to meet a model named choi bom and takes some pictures together which she later posts on her account tagging her. This gives a lot more exposure to Seo A-Ri to promote her brand and her plan worked.

She starts getting a lot of orders for the brand which makes her quite famous. To take her brand to the next level she meets with Jun-Kyung in his office and proposes a business partnership. Han Jun-Kyung agrees to this proposal and says how he could say no to this when she is proposing it and they kiss.

Meanwhile, we see Min-Chan operating on the person that was found in the club he tries everything but he couldn’t save him and now he’s dead. This is where the episode ends.

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