“Celebrity” Episode 4:  It’s day 2 of the live stream and Detective Jang Hyun-Soo has been talking to The Gabin Society members trying to investigate the situation. They all seem to hate Seo A-Ri except Si-Hyeon.

Si-Hyeon’s post on her profile seems to have taken a controversial turn and she lost lots of her followers for that and has been getting lots of hate comments from the Gabin society followers and even has a hate account dedicated to her. This equally impacted the Gabin society members they were also being questioned about her post and getting mocked online. The Gabin Society members start going after her in their live streams and call her all sorts of things.

Amid all this Seo A-Ri receives a DM from an unknown account called bbbfamous asking to connect. This unknown account seems to feel the same about the Gabin society members and wants to help her. So together they come up with a plan to post a discussion on an online forum about the situation which helps her find a lot of like-minded people and they all seem to agree with Seo A-Ri for calling out the Gabin society members. When Seo A-Ri asks who are you and why you’re helping her bbbfamous seems to ignore the question and replies he just wants to help her.

Chae-Hee seems very frustrated about all the support Seo A-Ri is getting and his connection with Han Jun-Kyung. He’s only following her on Instagram which makes her very unhappy. Han Jun-Kyung calls Seo A-Ri over dinner to discuss their settlement. After chatting a bit he says that he likes Seo A-Ri and wants to keep meeting her a few more times like this so that they could get to know each other more and decide if they wanna date to which she agrees to boost her social image.

Seo A-Ri starts getting lots of sponsorship and exclusive brand promotions which makes the gabin society jealous of her.

Seo A-Ri gets invited to an event by hue cosmetics for which she’s getting paid which makes the gabin society members very unhappy. After reaching the event Seo A-Ri meets Oh Min-Hye and Min-Hye leaves the event after having a fight with Seo A-Ri. Rest of the members of the gabin society were inside when they met Yeon-Woo a TV celeb. They were just catching up when Yeon-Woo saw Seo A-Ri and went to meet her. This made Chae-Hee very angry.

Jun-Kyung and Si-Hyeon talk about Seo A-Ri and we find that once upon a time both of them used to date but for some reason they seem to blame each other for their breakup.

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Amid all this Chae-Hee gets furious and gets a glass of wine and throws it on Yeon-Woo. They both get into a fight and Chae-Hee starts lecturing her about who she is and why she shouldn’t have messed with her. Seo A-Ri gets involved and gives Chae-Hee a taste of her own medicine and shuts her mouth. Chae-Hee gets furious and tries to grab Seo A-Ri but Si-Hyeon comes in and stops her saying there are people watching her. So she leaves the place.

After all the chaos Seo A-Ri, Si-Hyeon, and Jun-Kyung meet and he asks them if they’re friends now. That’s when the episode ends.

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