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“Celebrity” Episode 3: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained

“Celebrity” Episode 3: It’s day 2 of Seo A-Ri’s livestream people have been reporting about it to the police station. Detective Jang Hyun-Soo gets to know about it from a colleague and feels curious to investigate it.

Then we move forward with the story, Seo A-Ri is in the police station and Han Jun-Kyung is there too as he wanted to meet her as he couldn’t find any means to contact her and she won’t respond to his Instagram DM’s so he took this step to meet her. Hearing all this made Seo A-Ri angry and she officially registered a harassment case against him and left the station afterward.

Seo A-Ri receives a call from her boss who tells him that their products are selling like hotcakes due to the live stream of Oh Min-Hye. She visits her office the next day and feels quite shocked by the response they’re getting. Amid all this her friend Jeong-Sun has posted some pictures of them on Seo A-Ri’s profile which she didn’t like because it was work related. But she soon received a few DM’s regarding sponsorship which made her curious.

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After getting those sponsorship offers, Seo A-Ri visits Seung-Hyeok to learn more about the influencer world. Seung-Hyeok gives her a makeover and shows her how sponsorships work. He tells her that all she needs to do is to get more than 10,000 followers and the doors will open for her as brands beg for her attention. Seo A-Ri starts to seriously consider becoming an influencer and accepts Seung-Hyeok’s offer.

After this Seung-Hyeok held a meeting between Min-Hye and Seo A-Ri to partner up and help each other grow. Min-Hye was hesitant at first but then she goes forward with the plan. Together they promote each other and act as best friends for social boost but off-screen they don’t like each other. Min-Hye treats her like some sort of slave.

Seo A-Ri gets lots of questions regarding her outfit on her account so she starts responding with authentic replies and her followers like it. One day she gets invited to a charity event but they tell her that her clothes are too cheap to sell, and they try to make her feel humiliated. However, Jun-Kyung shows up and helps Seo A-Ri out.

Seo A-Ri gets furious by The Gabin Society and posts her thoughts on her account targeting them which creates serious trouble for both her and The Gabin Society that’s when the episode ends.



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