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Carmy and Claire’s Love Story : The Bear Season 2 Explained

Carmy and Claire’s Love Story: HULU’s The Bear has returned for its Second Season with double the intensity because it’s not just THE BEEF now, it’s much more than that. It’s The Bear, a fine dining restaurant that Carmy and Mikie wanted to open together and that’s what’s happening in Season 2.

What’s more interesting is we’re met by another character called Claire who is an old flame of Carmy who makes an entrance in his life and that old flame gets reignited but with the stress of his restaurant and everything, what happens to their cute little love story? Well, let’s discuss what happens.

Carmy and Claire’s Love Story

Carmen and Claire have known each other since childhood when she used to be chubby and had glasses. She has been smart since her childhood and she picks up emergency medicine and becomes a doctor. Carmy on the other hand becomes a chef. However, both of them were good friends in their childhood and they used to talk about stuff like how Carmy wanted to open a restaurant with his brother Mikie and how he had thought of a name as well.

When they meet after a long time, the time when Carmy is opening a restaurant and Claire runs into her at the supermarket, they talk a lot and he tells her about the restaurant and she remembers every bit. At the end of that encounter, Claire asks for Carmy’s number and he ends up giving her the wrong one.

Claire still manages to find out Carmy’s number and the two talk and the two start to hang out together. The two don’t start becoming closer until the night of the party when she asks him seriously why did he give her a fake number and he honestly admits it. Everything has been going well until the last Episode where Carmy gets stuck inside the walk-in because of his mistake.

Sydney had been constantly reminding him to call the fridge guy to get the new handle but he always seemed to forget it inside the walk-in, he realizes that he has not been giving his 100% to the restaurant which should be his top priority instead he’s been with Claire and admits that its just a waste of time. Unbeknownst to the fact that Claire is on the other end of the fridge listening to what Carmy is saying, she leaves after apologizing for how Carmy feels and leaves.

At the end of Season 2, Carmy and Claire break up. Probably because of Carmy’s inability to let anything good happen to him which Ritchie rightly mentions but yes, Carmy does mess up a very good thing.

The show is now streaming on Hulu.


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