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Terrifier 1 Ending Explained: What Happened To Art The Clown In Terrifier 1?

Terrifier Ending Explained: Halloween season not only brings the spookiness and costume-themed parties along with a treat or treating but it also welcomes the specific themed movies that bring the spookiness with it. One of those films is Terrifier which became an instant cult classic in 2016 after its initial release.

With a very small budget, the director Damien Leone delivered a film that terrified and rejuvenated their fear of clowns which was very well done by Art the Clown played by David Howard Thornton.

However, the sequel has been released now which is quite long considering its predecessor and well, more graphic scenes for us. It is getting rave reviews from the people and the news isn’t all happy for the sequel as well, with one of the theatres having to call an ambulance and some vomiting. However, if you’re going to watch the sequel anytime soon and do not remember the first one’s ending, we’ve got you covered here.

Art The Clown has been roaming with a black bag on Halloween Night when he’s met by two girls Tara & Dawn and after being teased by Dawn, he takes a liking to them and starts to follow them. After following them to the pizzeria, he’s pushed out of there for vandalizing the toilet with his feces and he kills the owner and the employee.

Keeping his killing stream going, he kidnaps Dawn and then kills her too, in a gruesome way then kills Tara but sees a text that Tara had called her sister Victoria and Art the Clown tries to kill her as well and is successful in eating her face after hitting her with a car until the police arrive but then he shoots himself in the mouth before the police officers could arrest him.

At the end of the film, we see Art’s body taken to a morgue along with the body of the deceased victims. When the examiner unzips the bag, Art comes back to life and strangles him to death.

Then we go one year into the future when Victoria is released from the hospital after rehabilitation from the injuries and she’s revealed to be a disfigured woman which we see at the beginning of the film who goes into an interview and after the interview, attacks the interviewer and gouges her eyes out, trying to kill her making the events shown in the film a re-telling as they happened in the past, last Halloween.


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