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Burn The House Down Episode 6: Recap, summary and Explained

What Claire discovered? Who did Yuzu see in her childhood? Let’s know in the recap of episode 6. You can also check the recap of the previous episodes for a clear understanding and connection between the series and shows.

Yuzu is with now Shinji and he wants to take about her. On the other side, Claire informed Mujina-san was the leader of the fan community and close to Makiko. So now they have to find Mujina-san. Claire also informed me she got a mail from Makiko in which she expressed how she was jealous of Satsuki. And it also shows how Makiko wants live Satsuki’s life.

Later, Yuzu & Shinji went to meet their mother. Shinji said how Satsuki means Yuzu’s mother helped her in his childhood. During childhood, Shinji wasn’t good in conversation so Satsuki helped him. Yuzu is being emotional about her mother so Shinji hugged her and then Yuzu found that tracker in his jacket.

The next day Shinji’s new girlfriend Nanami came to Mitarai House to meet with him. Shinji when fall in slee she started roaming on the House and Makiko found her. She is a greedy girl and Makiko said her to stay away. And it turns out more interesting as Nanami is trying to blackmail Makiko. But it looks like that girl take a wrong decision because Makiko turned her down. Wait a minute, Nanami is one step ahead so she makes all the voice record between her & Makiko. She posted it and it became viral. She exposed Makiko to how greedy she was. Makiko was badly exposed in social media.

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The next day ANZU met with Nanami and ask her to delete the tweet and say sorry to Makiko but Nanami denied to do it. Anzu is also clever enough as she has all details and personal information of Nanami. Later it worked. After that Anzu went to meet Makiko and said to her that it worked. Later she stayed in her house & found Kiichi. Kiichi is now improved and can make food. They both are happy now because they accepted each other.

After everything, Makiko is again back into her work. Suddenly she got a message from an unknown account. They remember her about Mujina-san. Mujina-san is now finally active and she wants to expose Makiko. It takes us back to the past, which revealed that Makiko used to steal Satsuki’s ornaments and then post them on social media.

Soon by soon, she got more messages & followers which makes her greedy and that’s why trying to steal more things from her. That’s how she used to live her life. Mujina-san invited her to talk in the community. That’s how slowly Makiko became famous. Later Mujina-san realized Aliza-san is actually a different person.

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Now, Mujina-san is trying to expose her, she slowly exposing all truths of Makiko. But, Makiko finds out it’s Yuzu who contacted Mujina-san. While Yuzu was in her room, Ichihara-san called Yuzu to leave immediately as Makiko knows about Yuzu but Makiko reached her house. She takes Yuzu and brought into her house and takes her in front of everyone.

Yuzu said she remembered when she was old she saw Makiko stealing belongings of Makiko. But, whenever Yuzu wants to see the Mujina-san post to everyone she is unable to find out. At this very moment Anzu came into the house and in front of everyone she said that she deleted all posts Mujina-san which Makiko said her to do.

Anzu said the real name of Mujina-san is Watanuki Kimiyo who is completely out of social media so she has a blank idea of Makiko. Later Anzu informed Makiko & everyone that all posts of Mujina-san were fake. So it’s the idea of Anzu & Kiichi to create a fake Mujina-san account. After that, Kiichi bought lots of fake social accounts and shares Mujina-san’s posts. He also increased the fake views & shares to create the posts more viral.

But Anzu got a photograph of Makiko with that cardigan on 21st December when the fire sets in the house. And also Anzu revealed her true identity in front of Makiko. Secrets are revealed now, now let’s see what Makiko will do next.

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