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Bullet Train Movie Cameos List

Bullet Train Movie Cameos List: David Leitch’s directorial and a comeback for Brad Pitt have definitely delivered more than what we asked for. For an action-comedy, it’s a very good film and it’s actually nice to see the director not compromising when it came to it being an R-Rated Film.

Of course, Bullet Train has its moments and it does not feel too long for a movie with a runtime of 130 Minutes. The movie all in all did a great job but there are some easter eggs that we want to put your notice to and those are CAMEOS! Bullet Train had a handful of cameos and here’s the list of them

Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman played a very short role of The White Death’s son whose name is not even mentioned in the movie. He played a fuck-up of a son who gets killed in the train by the Hornet and that’s it. However, Logan Lerman is quite a famous actor and has been part of some really good movies from “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” to “Indignation”.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum has played just the role of a passenger in the train itself who’s met by Brad Pitt in asking to take his glasses which also had a somewhat hilarious small talk between them. He’s met by Aaron Taylor Johnson who’s playing Tangerine as well. Channing Tatum played a character who’s interested in sex with strangers and that’s what he sees Tangerine for the second time in the film.

Sandra Bullock

However, it does not feel like a cameo because Sandra Bullock has played Maria who is Ladybug’s handler and is talking to him on the phone guiding him about the job but its not until the end of the movie, we see her so maybe it’s a cameo? In the end, we see Sandra Bullock rushing to the scene for rescuing Ladybug after which we see Ladybug crying for her consideration.

Karen Fukuhara

Kimiko, from The Boys, has done a small cameo of the service provider in the train who we only see a couple of times. The memorable one would be when Ladybug and Tangerine are fighting when Ladybug asks her for a bottle of sparkling water. Sidenote, it would have been really fun it she would have been one of the killers as well.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds played Mr. Carver who is also a contract assassin but a brutal one who was actually responsible for murdering The White Death’s wife and the job Ladybug was on, it was actually Carver’s job but he bailed on the job because of some issue. So, all that happened on the train was actually meant for Carver but all of it got piled up on Ladybug.



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