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Bullet Train (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Bullet Train Movie Ending Explained: Bullet Train, a much-awaited Brad Pitt starrer from David Leitch has been released in the theatres recently and it has definitely passed the audience meter for its hilarious jokes and an orchestra of assassins trying to kill each other with Ladybug trying to just get off the train somehow.

With a big cast, the movie actually works in its genre of Action-Comedy. However, there’s something in the movie ending that someone might have misunderstood or maybe left too soon to actually see.

Right at the end, when Michael Shannon who’s playing The White Death gets killed by his own gun tampered with by his own daughter, we see Joey King who was playing Prince, The White Death’s daughter who’s hungry for his love and attention but never got any. Even after she orchestrates much of the drama and deceit in the train, in the end, all in vain when The White Death just ignores her for a teenage little girl.

We’re met by Prince standing with a machine gun in her hands touting her own horn while she’s hit by a truck that is carrying tangerines.

This is the end but then we’re shown a clip of a minute’s earlier scene where Lemon played by Brian Tyree Henry jumps out of the train with a gang member to save Ladybug (Brad Pitt) and then after killing that man, he takes a tangerine truck hostage and hitting Prince (Joey King) with it. So the truck that hit Prince, was actually Lemon driving that truck to get revenge for his brother Tangerine.

Bullet Train is a fun ride and its released in the theatres near you.

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