The Great Weddings of Munnes Review: Dull, Null & Flat

The Great Weddings of Munnes Review

The Great Weddings of Munnes Review: Voot’s original show The Great Weddings Of Munnes was released yesterday on the Platform, the show is having a decent buzz, I just finished the show, and here is the detailed review of the Show.

The show is directed by Sunil Subramani, The show stars Abhisekh Banerjee and Barkha Singh in the main lead roles, the show also stars Aakash Dabhade, Paresh Ganatra, and Sunita Rajwar. There are total 10 episodes in the show are all episodes are around 30 Minutes long.

The Voot series “The Great Wedding of Munnes” revolves around a guy Munnes who is in search of a girl to get married to. He works as a marriage certificate issuer and is also desperate to get married soon.

After lots of rejection, he loses his hope of getting married. His life takes a complete turn when he met Mahi played by Barkha Singh and as Mahi decides to marry him his not-so-good destiny comes into action. His life turns into a ride when Astro believer Mahi’s family priest makes one prophecy about their marriage.

What is the prophecy, how is Munnes going to get married to Mahi, Will they be able to get married and lead a happy life, For all the story to unfold you have to watch this 10-episode series streaming now on Voot.

The story starts well and soon it becomes full of cringe and unrealistic things in the name of comedy. The series’ main plot is shown in the trailer itself and the series fails to offer anything more than that. The first 2 to 3 episodes are good and the story is set up but soon after that it becomes unfunny and you might also lose hope of watching further episodes.

Some of the situational comedy punches are good but many of its punches fall flat and are unfunny. The graphics of the series is bad, being a series of a huge studio like Jio you expect to watch decent graphics in it.

The only saving factor of this series that might keep you hooked to watch more is the performance of the actors. Abhisekh Banerjee in a never seen avatar tried his best to entertain you as well as Barkha Singh. The other cast including Aakash Dabhade, Paresh Ganatra, and Sunita Rajwar will also impress you with their comic skills and punches.

The series has many songs in it which is quite rare in web series. The only song that I like is the promo song of the series. After considering all these factors I am going with 1.5 stars for this series.

Rating – 1.5/5


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