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Bullet Train (2022) Movie Review: A Mad & Crazy Ride!

Bullet Train Movie Review: Bullet Train, a much-awaited project from Brad Pitt after Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and Ad Astra has launched onto the silver screen and it is definitely worth the hype it created.

From the director of Deadpool 2, David Leitch, and producer Antoine Fuqua, comes to an action comedy that is based on a series of incidents happening to different assassins over time now are there in a bullet train and trying to kill themselves and the star of this show is Ladybug played by Brad Pitt who’s an unlucky assassin. The film has released officially in the theatres and here’s the review for the film.

The chosen cast feels like a match made because everyone has done their jobs very nicely. From Brad Pitt playing an assassin who’s been so unlucky that any job he does, someone ends up dead. Exhausted by all that death, he’s like a human zen talk machine who tries to impart wisdom on fellow assassins that goes a little over the top.

Aaron Taylor Johnson who’s playing Tangerine who is also a contract assassin has done it beautifully too. Being English came in handy since his accent is spot on with Brian Tyree Henry also mimicking the accent being an American.

The surprise came from Joey King who’s been part of mostly romantic comedies but this is something way more different and she actually shines in her role. That psychotic role she’s playing in which she’s a helpless teenage girl at one moment and the next, she’s a smart and brutal killer. Other casts from Hiroyuki Sanada and Andrew Koji along with Zazzy Beetz have done justice to their roles.

The cinematography for the movie is top-notch since it comes from someone as skilled as Jonathan Sela whose previous works include Transformers: The Last Knight & Deadpool 2. The film goes touches pretty much on the right step when it comes to the camera work.

The film feels like a cluster of different incidents happening from one car to another, someone’s getting killed and then we’re also seeing flashbacks so if you maybe slide out of the screen for a moment you might miss a crucial detail but all in all combined, the screenplay works.

Bullet Train
Bullet Train

The main and the most important thing about the screenplay is, that its freaking hilarious. All the characters, out of which most are assassins, are introduced in a nice fashion and the story is quite easy to follow. The screenplay is actually quite witty.

Right from when the trailer released, “Staying Alive” from The Bee Gees has been on our minds pretty much all the time so I’d say the music works tons. The sound work in the film is quite interesting but it doesn’t stand out a lot other than the two songs, out of one is Staying Alive. However, the music department did an okay job in the movie.

From David Leitch of the famous R-Rated MARVEL movie, this movie has maintained the reputation David Leitch has made over the years for himself. The Direction is, in the end, awesome because all in all, the combined product that is Bullet Train is very pretty to look at, the characters have done justice to their roles, and it is outright hilarious with its jokes, and obviously, the madness going on in the train.

Bullet Train is a movie that is not all action and action. There’s some really good action with hilarious jokes and some over the top therapy-ish conversations but everything combined it does make up for a joyous ride. The movie definitely has some finesse and for an action-comedy, it is more than you expected.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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