Blue Eye Samurai Episode 3: Blue Eye Samurai Episode 3 starts with Taigen raising his blade to kill Mizu. He is thinking of killing her but also considers it a cowardly move. Ringo goes there and pushes Taigen away from Mizu. Ringo then takes Mizu to a hut where he treats her. Taigen also goes with them.

After Mizu wakes up, Taigen challenges her to a duel and gives her 3 days to recover. Taigen starts using the broken blade, which he picks up after Bloodsoak Chiaki gets killed by Mizu.

Heiji Shindo asks his bodyguard to invite Mizu for a meeting. The bodyguard gives the message to Mizu. Taigen insists that she should not go there, but Mizu has to go for revenge. Ringo, Mizu, and Taigen go with the bodyguard. They stop in a forest at night, and Taigen and Mizu start fighting with chopsticks. Taigen starts to lose, so he starts demotivating Mizu by sharing her childhood story of how some men burned Mizu’s house after they found her. Mizu’s mother died in that fire, giving her trauma. Mizu still beats Taigen.

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In the morning, Mizu and Taigen meet Heiji Shindo. Ringo doesn’t go with them, so he stays outside the mountain with the bodyguard. Heiji Shindo talks with Mizu and finds out the reason why she wants to meet him. Heiji is a black market merchant who sells everything, and he is working with Abijah Fowler, a foreigner who was in Japan when Mizu was born. Heiji then offers to help Mizu in killing Abijah. Entering the castle of Abijah is difficult. Heiji is going to put Mizu in a barrel, and she can go to the castle unnoticed.

If Mizu doesn’t take his offer, then Heiji’s Five Hundred Archers will kill them. Mizu doesn’t believe him, so she cuts his arm. The Archers start shooting arrows. They somehow escape from it but get stuck in the mountain alley. The bodyguard outside of the alley tries to kill Ringo, but Ringo somehow defeats him by pushing him from the mountain. Ringo uses his kitchen equipment as a shield and goes to the alley with a horse and saves Mizu and Taigen. Taigen and Mizu start to like each other due to their sword skill, but then Taigen says that she can’t take her revenge, as he is going to kill her tomorrow in the duel.

Mizu then hits Taigen’s head, and he becomes unconscious. Mizu gives him a letter explaining that she will fight with him after killing Abijah Fowler. Akemi and Seki get looted by Brigands. Akemi and Seki ask a man to drop them in Mihonoseki, but the man also fools them and takes them far away from Mihonoseki.

Akemi starts feeling sad because of this and wants to go home. Seki tells her there is a chance, as he has enough money to go to Kyoto. Seki tells Akemi that she should go home and marry the Soga Clan’s son. Women in that period either married a man or became a prostitute. Seki also tells Akemi that he gave the idea to her father to marry Akemi to the Soga Clan’s son.

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Akemi feels betrayed and goes to the nearest bar. She uses her beauty and asks a Flesh trader to help her find the best prostitute house in Mihonoseki. The flesh trader gives her his horse, and the two go to Mihonoseki. Seki doesn’t do anything and sees Akemi going on her own.

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