Blue Eye Samurai Episode 2: Blue Eye Samurai Episode 2 starts with Ringo following Mizu and asking her to make him her apprentice. Ringo said that he isn’t going to tell anyone that she is a woman, and Mizu tells him not to follow her; otherwise, she will kill him. Mizu then goes to Mihonoseki from where she can go to the island where Heiji Shindo lives.

At the gate, the soldier asks for a pass. Mizu doesn’t have any, so she thought of bribing them. One man tries to go there by bribing, but the officers arrest him. That’s when Ringo comes and helps Mizu.

The two enter Mihonoseki, and Mizu asks the sailor if they can go to the island. They will go to the island the next day as today is a festival in their town. Mizu went for training, while Ringo stayed there and enjoyed the festival. Taigen and Akemi’s engagement ends after Taigen gets defeated by Mizu. Akemi tries to cheer up Taigen by saying that the battle wasn’t a one-on-one duel, so he never lost. He can ask Mizu for a duel and defeat him by the rules. Taigen leaves Kyoto and goes to Mihonoseki.

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Young Mizu and his Master Eiji meet a man who says that he needs a sword to save himself, as a drunk ronin killed his father, and he might kill him. Master Eiji thought that he was lying but still asked Mizu to make a blade for him. It was Mizu’s first blade, but the upper part of the sword was very weak and not forged properly, so it broke. Master Eiji gives that broken sword to that man and tells him that it’s his fault.

Mizu then tells the man it’s his own fault, so the man slaps him. Master Eiji catches that man’s hand and tells him that he is not a normal citizen; these hands are of an assassin. The man is known as Bloodsoak Chiaki, who killed a lot of people, and now he has Master Eiji’s first broken Blade.

The Four Fangs also go to Mihonoseki. Ringo participates in the festival’s ritual where people jump in the river and find the stick that can fulfill any wish. Ringo finds the stick and wishes to become great in anything. After completing her training, Mizu thinks to celebrate, but The Four Fangs attack her. She kills the first three, and at the end, she faces the same man who has the broken blade.

Chiaki gives her a tough fight and injures her, but she still kills him. Taigen was following her and hiding behind a stone. Mizu becomes unconscious after the fight and falls in that place. Taigen thinks it’s the right time to kill her and raises his blade.

On the island, Heiji Shindo isn’t living alone as we see a foreigner there. That foreigner is actually a partner of Heiji, and those people do business together. The foreigner guy has some plans to be in power in the kingdom’s politics where Heiji is thinking of killing Mizu. They soon get the news about the Four Fangs being dead and get angry.

Akemi finds out that her father is fixing a marriage with the Soga Clan’s son. Akemi doesn’t want to marry, so she makes a plan to go to Mihonoseki where she can find Taigen and fix all of this. Seki works under Akemi’s father, and he has taken care of Akemi from her childhood, so he knows she would do ruckus stuff. Seki asks Akemi if he will also go with her as going alone might kill her.

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