Trigun Stampede Anime (2023) Episode 1 Recap: Winter 2023 Anime Season has just started with the arrival of quite some hugely anticipated CG remakes of the 90’s popular anime titled “Trigun Stampede”. The first Episode has been released and whatever questions people have in their minds about the remake have been addressed, especially about the Graphics and it seems like ORANGE did a great job in it.

The new character designs look quite appealing and if you’ve not caught the first episode, here’s a quick recap for you.

Trigun Stampede Episode 1 Recap

It starts off from the cluster of spaceships where we see Vash greeting the passengers and right after there’s an emergency that causes a blast and Vash runs to find Nai and Rem. The spaceship explodes after Rem is able to send Nai and Vash to another spacecraft.

After that, we see a young journalist by the name of Meryl Stryfe who is out with her mentor in No Man’s Land to find the Humanoid Typhoon and do an exclusive interview with him. They do find him but hanged upside down and after helping him they see Vash who is a gunman but is weirdly idiotic with his concurrent laughs.

They soon get to Jeneora Rock after Meryl lies to the police authorities who are on the lookout for Vash who has a bounty of $6 Million. Upon their arrival in Jeneora Rock, Vash is welcomed and soon the journalist duo realizes that Vash is their savior who helps them repair the PLANT which is a machine that creates all matter needed for humans in this desert planet.

Now, PLANT is one of the lost technologies from the era of the Universe which makes it impossible to build one and the only way is to have is either you take it from someone or buy it and it is very expensive.

Right after Vash is done diagnosing it, the Police authorities arrive and they beat up Vash a lot to which Roberto plays with their egos and asks them to do a duel and they agree. Vash and that Policeman are on a hill and are about to have a duel but the Policeman used a cluster munition which is a collection of small bombs capable of destroying the whole town itself.

With no bullets to shoot the bombs in the air, Vash asks for help and he gets only one bullet with the help of which he is able to explode all the bombs in the air saving the entire town.

After that, the Police leave after they lose the duel and the journalist duo realizes that there’s more to Vash than meets the eye and after asking them they get to know that it was his identical brother Nai who was responsible for the spaceship explosion which left them stranded on this desert planet and now Nai is known as “Million Knives”.

Trigun Stampede is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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