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Black Cake Episode 4: Recap, Summary And Explained

Black Cake Episode 4: In Black Cake Episode Three, we find out that Covey meets Gibbs in London. She thought not to meet her, but in Episode four, we find out that Covey stayed there and met Gibbs.

Covey didn’t tell Gibbs about her being raped in Scotland. She just told him that she left Scotland after her workers started suspecting her. Gibbs and Covey again started dating, and one day Edwina saw Covey with Gibbs. Edwina lives in the same hostel as Covey in London. Edwina thought Covey is dead as she read the newspaper. Edwina asked where Eleanor is, and Covey couldn’t answer it, so she ran from the place.

Gibbs also followed her and talked with her. Covey tells Gibbs that they can’t live together as people like Edwina know her truth. Gibbs asks if they can go to any other country and leave there.

Gibbs and Covey then go to the United States and marry. Back in that time, it was easy to do anything with just a name; you don’t need anything else. It was easy for them to get a new life in the United States. Gibbs is none other than Byron and Benny’s father Bert. Gibbs also changed his name to live a new life with Covey.

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Benny and Byron were shocked to know about Scotland. It was enough for them, so Benny goes to her home. Benny meets Steve, her boyfriend, who tells her that he found a seller for her painting. We then get to know why Benny left her home.

Why did Benny leave her Home?

8 years ago on Thanksgiving, Benny takes her girlfriend to her family home. Benny tells her family that she left culinary school and is working in a cafe to gain hands-on experience and skills. Benny’s father, Bert, wasn’t happy about it as she always disappointed him. Her father also felt ashamed of Benny being bisexual. Benny didn’t like the judgment of her father and left home. She then meets Steve, who is rich and owns an Art Exhibition. Benny fell in love with Steve, but Steve has a short temper and doesn’t like people saying no to him.

Benny got to know about her father’s death and made a plan to go there.

Steve tells Benny not to go there as they can hurt her again, but Benny tells him she will go, and Steve beats her. Benny’s face swells, and she goes to the funeral but never gets out of the car. Benny doesn’t want to disappoint her family again by showing her swollen face. That’s why she didn’t go to the funeral. She tells this to Byron, and Byron says that he will always support her. They again started hearing the recording and find a truth that shocked them.

Covey has a Secret Child!

Covey tells Byron and Benny that the biggest secret is that they have a sister. She also hid it from her husband Bert. The child might have been born after Covey got raped by her boss in Scotland. She gives birth to it and might have dropped her in an orphanage. It was before Covey met Gibbs in London, as they married afterward and lived together.

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I’m excited for Black Cake Episode 5. Please drop your thoughts about the show as of now, In the comments.



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